I can feel it upon my lips, Your tongue softly caresses. As u run my fingers through my hair, makes me shiver as u gently pull down on my hair. A small tender bite awakens me, I sigh to you. As u gently caress me


All my life I’ve cared about to many people who didn’t care about me,
I’ve nourished, and kept my feelings aside. Let my friends decide for me what’s best and ran me Into the ground!

I’ve been done with this people for awhile, I looked closely at their lives and figured out mine.
Although they may have more than me financially I have Kept my sanity!! That’s makes it worth the while when I met amazing friends this year, I was so thankful I was heartfelt about it. My new friends don’t judge me for who I am and or what I wanna be like, that means the world to me :)

The point of this is that new life new beginnings and new endings and I don’t hold back on feelings anymore, Life is definitely too short <3


A touch leads me to you Holds me close Smooth as can be Your lips do the most.

Glides down my skin Feeling so right Tingles every inch of My body.

Amazing what a kiss can do All the feelings touch every Part of my body, my heart Yearns for more

  • son-

My heart hurts tonight, I think about all the hurt and pain people go through every day and makes me wonder if ill ever be a full happy heart?

The love I hold is unconditional and ready to be felt and held, I wanna breathe and feel at ease…. I wanna feel and be held like no other, only to never let go….


I have often thought about death, not that I plan on killing myself but I always find it amazing how a death of someone close to you will make you more emotional, sympathetic, and caring …. I wonder what people will reborn into id like to be a eagle, so I can travel the world and see what I never got to see.

I do believe in the beauty of a amazing afterlife always have always will ….

I will miss everyone who passes but I hope to never lose memory of Them <3 then that would be tragic for me lol

&lt;3 love her

<3 love her