Dec 14


Eye see you glance to where I stand, we lock only to smile at each other once again. Eye feel you staring at me, I look up to see you looking, silly non sense I see, silly boy who thinks he’s a man, I think to myself. Eye shut my eyes for a quick minute to rest, eye feel your touch, to only smile and see you again. Your eyes and mine lock to stare and smile, its sweet and innocent to see you each time, to see is what is beautiful to me, eye can see the depth and the dark things on your mind, eye can see who you hide from, eye can see you blush, eye can see you breath
eye can see you, handsome eyes.


Realize the beginning only to start again.
The start of a new heart.
Heart broken down in sections yet to pieced back together to restart.
Start with me, start at the beginning to reach the start end.

Dec 07


Nov 17


She had a dream …..
She intended to remember what she dreamt but the memory had erased and flew into her life. She had a deja vu, a remembrance of what she dreamt, she proceeded with caution and turned away whispering to herself I’ve been here before, do I remember what happens next? Perhaps she did remember what happened in her dream, maybe she wanted to change the outcome of it….
Till this day it’ll still be just a dream a life lead into by her past life? What is she, she is living in.present to proceed her future dreams she is ……………….

…..simply me

Apr 16

Mastered the laugh

She exaggerates a laugh to make them think shes happy, she makes plans with the one’s who are unfamiliar with her fakeness, yea it does exist. The signs are there, the lies shes try’s to repair. Give up move on your life could be so much better without all the fakeness going on.


I DONT lie its a waste of time…..

I felt as though she didn’t believe what I said to her, lost with her own life, she searched for answers that were not found. They lied to her about the truth, the truth that showed point blank in front of her face. She wondering about telling me, then I knew she thought I made it up to see. To see the rumors unfold is what is bound to happen next im sorry I choose not to be a part of this.


Feb 09



Jan 28

6 years ago

I fell in love with a ghost …. He captivated me with his charm and sweet desire to love and please me. I fell in love with Saul, I barely knew you nor did I even know your soul. all it took was the promises and mention of our future to lock my heart into your chest. the night it broke was one ill never forget, I didn’t cry just held myself as you would of did. Our letters grew shorter, phone calls less, I didn’t know where u were? the night it broke I had hope, having that made me ease even though I knew you weren’t ever going to actually never ever be near me again. I fell in love with a ghost, we held each other and never let go. I fell in love with u Saul I never knew what we had was so untrue …. I fell in love with a lost soul, who kept mine under lock and Key, You painted the perfect picture for me to be in, I felt as though you were always, never leave my side. I had my heart taken away for only you were the one who could of saved me, your soft touch, your long looks deep into my eyes, still gives me chills when I think about how I fell into your soul. my lips never felt the warmth of your kiss ever again, your touch never caressed my body again. I fell in love and you kept me, heart lingering at everytime my phone rings hoping it.you who will come free me. I.fell.in.love.with.u. I fell in love with all the untrue I believed in only you, I haven’t moved on from you pushing all I ever loved away as no one can compare to you. I fell in love without a doubt and its always gunna haunt me till you bring me back my soul, its always gunna remain fresh, due to all the memories of all I would of given you, but yet I fell in love with a ghost ……

3 Son

Jan 15


I’ve had a lot of people pass away..that I was close too, sucks that I won’t get to know her better, we were just getting to know one another, sucks that I now know I can’t ..

I’ve had a lot of grief and anger with this one I accepted the fact that she was leaving, I didn’t know itd be this quick, I didn’t know what to feel think or believe …

I thought I could console myself alone that she was in a better place, knowing shes in “heaven ” but I hate it when people say that it makes me tear up / cry, I don’t know how to act with my immediate family, I lash out in my old ways anger, bitchyness, and picking on things that make no sense until there quiet or annoyed with me, I.don’t wanna wake up , my sleep has not been full, it hasn’t been the same, I am exhausted .. mentally physically, I asked god several times to numb my pain to take away my tears, we haven’t even had services yet, gosh at times like this I wish I had a boyfriend so I could escape and talk to him about how I feel! I wish for a lot of things, things I will never have, hopes of a better future, hopes of my dads illness to just go away!!! I am angry and I am sad, I think and I.know death is simpley heaven, living through life is hell . The hardships ain’t nothing you as a healthy person feel and live , its those who have suffered through all the pain who have it hard , just wish you could take it away, that’s what makes me angry …

things and feelings eventually subside, hopes and dreams come all over again to make you feel normal but it never really is, it just becomes forgettable, although I never forget death I know it always happened, knowing that those who.have gone eventually come to you in a dream to say its okay let go, but I don’t.

Love eternally .

Soon we will all be together.